Practical: When, where and how much?


  • When: Saturday October 20 from 3.00pm – 4.30pm
  • Where: Huis DIEvers – Michel Theysstraat 60, 3290 Diest, België
  • How much: 
    • €8 – €10 per session (Sliding scale*). Basic materials included.
  • Registration is required.

*The sliding scale gives you an option to contribute what you believe you can afford along a scale of what the facilitators find sustainable. If you have any questions please contact

Bring your own materials if you wish! The language of the hosting is English and/or Nederlands; the language of conversations depends on the participants.

At the moment we work with a maximum of 8 participants. In case of insufficient enrollments, the series of lessons can be canceled and you will be reimbursed. If the sequence is full, you will hear more about the next series.

What might be possible if we expressed our needs, hopes, hurts, and joys without words?


What is Painting from Within?

This is a powerful facilitated experience check-in with ourselves, turning inwards and connecting with our inner being to embrace our hearts, feelings, longings, body, inner images, hopes, hurts, joys… and express them without words – like a yoga class, but for your creative expression! A weekly safe date and outing for the soul.

In this weekly scheduled time to recharge, we…

  • Let go of distractions and de-clutter from mental noise.
  • Learn to befriend the inner critic ((I can’t do this, this is not good enough, what will others think…) to let it go.
  • Build the habit of showing up for ourselves, which will continue long after our circle ends.
  • Give ourselves a dedicated time, deep permission, and tools to live a life of more – joy, creativity, purpose, peace and health.

I’ll be right there with you, using the same tools, learning right beside you, and customizing our experience as we go along.

In the 1.5 hour session we will create a safe, creative, and relaxing ambiance with soft music, silence, gentle stretches, and a mindful presence. We will feel at home, relax, enjoy and play. We will follow a basic format with variations on themes and materials depending on the group and the needs.

Session Flow

(Note: This could vary depending on the group needs and surroundings):

10 min Welcome and time for anyone to share if they feel they need to.
15 min warming up with gentle stretches and moves
5 min guiding you inwardly with yourself: a word, a phrase, a color, or theme
5 min find your space to work on your own
45 min painting in total silence
10 min display paintings and look at each one together

Facilitator: Fabiola Benavente

Painting from Within grew up a few years ago when Fabiola found herself so burned out that she fell out of touch with her true self, her longings, and deeper needs.

What saved the day? The life-changing power of turning inwards.  She experienced the life-changing power of silent connection and inwardly-guided living. She found it relaxing, revealing and helpful in connecting with her clarity, resilience, focus, and wisdom.

How? Through simple, creative and mindful practices to dissolving anxiety, overwhelm, and guilt. She saw its positive impact on her relations and work. It wasn’t easy. Or fast. She didn’t do it in two weeks, or even three months. But it began to change everything.

In these sessions, Fabiola brings her gentle self-care expertise to bear with creative and mindful practices that will serve you for years to come. She offers self-care mentorship, so you can create a practice that feels amazing.

Fabiola has a passion for leadership and has trained in Mexico, UK, US, Belgium and Switzerland. She is currently pursuing an Art Therapy Life Coach Certification. At the moment she works in two main areas:

Facilitating the development of transformational potential through creative practices for going inwards.

Digital communications designer, working with people, initiatives and projects that move the world forward. She loves making meaningful websites ❤

Born in Chiapas, Mexico, Fabiola is deeply in touch with the heritage of her Mayan ancestors. Fabiola lives with her husband and son in Belgium, where her journey continues to evolve and fill her with compassion.